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Top 10 Places For Best Time to Visit Lonavala


Monsoon and Lonavala are like heaven; the best time to visit Lonavala is June to September, which is for the times of the monsoon months. The arrival of fresh showers during the monsoon season increases the tourist appeal of the hill station. The greenery of Lonavala and its natural beauty make monsoon the peak season for the humans of Maharashtra, in particular the town dwellers. As quickly as the first showers hit the ground, Mumbaikars, Punekars, and people from nearby cities escape to Lonavala to experience a calming weekend in the laps of nature and experience the fresh showers. 

For some enthusiastic tourists of Maharashtra, the monsoon season nudges them to step out and head to one of the most cherished monsoon locations in the nation, Lonavala. While you could visit this hill station every time of the year, monsoon is the best season to visit Lonavala for multiple reasons. During this time, the hills are decked up in all of the shades of green you can possibly believe, there are waterfalls and streams at each corner of the ghats, and the view from the top is just photo-perfect!

Top 10 Places For Best Time to Visit Lonavala

Lonavala is the correct new age wonderful traveler destination. It has a whole lot of waterfalls and exciting caves on show in its nearabouts. It also has one of those modern new wax museums and a whole lot of locations in which you could get acquainted with history. All in all, Lonavala is indeed searching for an awesome region to escape to on that next trip. The best time to visit begins in October and ends someplace close to May.

  1. Summers in Lonavala are way cooler than the common Indian sultry and humid summer and it follows that it is in reason popular with tourists now. The summers are cool, and mountain zephyrs arrive now and again to make matters even cooler and best. But the climate is in no way cold, and also you wouldn’t require something more than your cotton clothes while on holiday. This time is good for sightseeing as well.
  2. Monsoons in Lonavala are, as I referred to earlier as well, a risky season. The rainfall is quite heavy, almost torrential and turbulent, typical of a tropical topography place. The rains are as a result of south-west monsoon winds. This isn’t always a popular season for tourists.
  3. Winters in Lonavala are on the less warm side of the normal, located as it’s a number of the hills. The temperature drops sharply, and you would do well to hold a few woolens. This time is a success with tourists, and sightseeing is famous. It’s safe and the joyous festivities are performed to commemorate Christmas and mild up your New Year.

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List of top 10 tourist Spot in Lonavala with their opening and closing time

Get prepared to discover a world wherein misty mountains meet scrumptious chikki, and serenity blends seamlessly with adrenaline-pumping travels. Welcome to Lonavala, a place tucked with the Sahyadri range. This offbeat gem has a bit of something for each person, whether you’re a nature fanatic, a history buff, or genuinely a lover of all things bizarre. So, take hold of your sun shades and a dose of interest as we take you on a trip to the 10 best tourist places that will make your experience to Lonavala as superb as its legendary Vada Pav!

1:- Karla Caves

Karla Caves

Karlas are historic Buddhist rock-reduce caves, that date lower back to the 3rd century BC. Karla caves are the most ancient Buddhist shrine caves. Among the many rock-reduced caves in Maharashtra, Karla Caves stand out as they house India’s largest Chaityagrihas (prayer hall with a stupa). Also called Karli Caves, Karle Caves or Karla Cells, they accommodate a significant 15-meter pillar with a temple of Goddess Ekveera and a Buddhist monastery. The key feature of Bhaja Caves is the wonderful and stunning carved stupas. Karla Caves require an exciting steep climb trek of around 30-40 minutes each. Both the caves show the dazzling craftsmanship of the technology and are among the best locations to visit in Lonavala.

2:- Tiger Point Lonavala

Tiger Point Lonavala

Tiger Point or Tigers Leap, because the name justifies it, gives a natural illusion of a tiger jumping into the valley. It is a famous tourist attraction and some of the locations to visit in Lonavala. The vantage point at Tiger Point Lonavala gives exquisite views of the Western Ghats and plush-green hillocks close by. The echo point right here is some other best fascination, making it a distinguished spot in the places to visit in Lonavala.

3:- Lohagad Fort

Lohagad Fort

Located in the picturesque Sahyadri variety, Lohagad Fort is a prominent tourist attraction that figures among locations to visit in Lonavala in addition to the places to visit in Khandala. Literally meaning iron fort, Lohagad Fort has a deep ancient affiliation with the superb Maratha ruler Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Built in the 18th century, this castle became used to maintain prisoners. Perched at an elevation of 3400 toes, this citadel gives an interesting trekking experience. Encounter this captivating living house of artwork and structure whilst playing the staggering natural beauty of the environment.

4:- Bhushi Dam

Bhushi Dam

If you are looking for locations to visit close to me for picnicking with friends and your own family, then head instantly to Bhushi Dam, which forms the famous Bhushi Lake. There are steps to get access to this masonry dam at the Indrayani River, where you may sit down and soak the good and cozy sunshine as well as experience the stunning views of the surroundings.

This popular tourist attraction has a tendency to get overcrowded at some point at weekends, especially in the monsoon season, while you can face trouble in locating a spot to sit on the stairs. You need to know that swimming is against the law right here because of the inconsistent water drift.

5:- Kune Waterfalls

Kune Waterfalls

It is a beautiful 3-tiered waterfall gushing gracefully from a peak of 200 meters and surrounded by greenery. Kune Waterfalls is the 14th most waterfall in India and a should-consist of some of the locations to visit in Lonavala. Located centrally in the Lonavala Khandala valley, the pool shaped by this waterfall is ideal for swimming and bathing. Monsoon is the precise time to experience this waterfall it is counted among the best locations to visit in Lonavala.

6:- Rajmachi Fort

Rajmachi Fort

Rajmachi Fort consists of fortresses- Shrivardhan and Manaranjan Forts, among which lies the temple of the local deity, Kal Bhairava. It is located in the center of the Mumbai-Pune highway and is one of the most scenic places to visit in Lonavala. The trek path from Lonavala offers a unique and breathtaking experience. The top of this castle gives a breathtaking view of Bhor Ghat and the Western Ghats and has to not be missed in your listing of locations to visit in Lonavala.

7:- Bhaja caves

Bhaja caves

Bhaja Caves is a fixed of incredible caves, which has been categorized as a country wide monument. It is believed to be one of the oldest caves in India, belonging to the second to 1st century BCE, and the good Buddhist excavations in these caves date again to the Hinayana section of Buddhism.

Along with exploring these caves that primarily encompass Chaityas and Viharas, you may take a clean dip in the nearby waterfall in addition to taking a tour of the luxurious surroundings. You want to take a zig-zag path to reach the caves from its base at Bhaja Village.

8:-Duke’s Nostril

Duke's Nostril

Being a hill station, Lonavala has several vantage points, and Duke’s Nose is an best viewpoint that has been named after the Duke of Wellington because of the resemblance in shape. This region is likewise called Nagphani as its form looks like a snake’s hood, and at the top, there is Mahadev Temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Along with impressing nature fans with its picturesque location, this location with lengthy trails and rocky outcrops also draws travel seekers for hiking, mountain climbing, rappelling, trekking, and so on. Moreover, it’s miles from a famous picnic spot that you could visit together with your friends and family for enjoyment.

9:- Della Travel Park

Della Travel Park

Dallas Travel Park is an entertainment park and a great region to visit in Lonavala someday. It consists of activities along with Aqua Zorb, Swoop Swing, Flying Fox, Rappelling, Buggy Ride, Land Zorbing, Paintball, and many others. The park also organizes nightclubs with numerous cool restaurants for great dining and binge ingesting. Experience your adventurous ride to Lonavala solely at Della Travel Park along with your friends, institution, and family.

10:- Adlabs Imagica

Adlabs Imagica

Adlabs Imagica opened in 2013. It is one of the quality entertainment theme parks placed on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway near Khopoli. It covers an extensive place of 300 acres with surprising infrastructure. The park includes three amusement zones, specifically Theme Park, Snow Park and Water Park, with many rides and curler coasters, and a water park with diverse rides. It is one of the best locations to visit in Lonavala for couples who want to experience rides and make their travel adventurous.

This place is full of many amusements and entertainment activities suitable for all age groups. This location is a brainchild of a famous media corporation in Mumbai referred to as Adlabs Entertainment Limited. It also affords luxury stay and leisure activities to do travels with friends and family.

Best Unpopular Time to Visit Lonavala is to Get a much Smaller Crowd

Lonavala sees monsoon from July to September and the climate during these months fluctuates between 24°C – 29°C. Monsoon season is considered to be off-season and sees a lesser number of tourists due to heavy downpours. It also will become hard to go sightseeing in the hill station. Although the region seems more great and smooth after a clean shower. If you experience rainfall, the best time to visit Lonavala may be the monsoon season as well.

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How to Reach Lonavala?

Whether you are from India, the UK or the US, you can easily reach Lonavala by following the given ways.

  1. From India:- Lonavala, a picturesque hill station in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra, is easily accessible from essential Indian towns. If you are traveling from Mumbai, the travel is pretty straightforward. Lonavala is about 83 kilometers from Mumbai, and you can reach it by road or train. By road, you can force or take a bus through the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, which takes approximately 2-3 hours. Numerous state-run and personal buses ply this path regularly. If you select visiting by train, numerous express trains just like the Deccan Express and Intercity Express run each day among Mumbai and Lonavala, taking approximately 2 hours. Pune is another nearby town, just 64 kilometers away from Lonavala.
  2. From the US:- Traveling to Lonavala from the US involves several steps. First, book a flight to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (BOM) in Mumbai, as it’s far the nearest worldwide airport to Lonavala. Major airways like United Airlines, Delta, and Air India provide direct and connecting flights from various US cities, such as New York, San Francisco, and Chicago, to Mumbai. Upon arrival in Mumbai, you can pick a tour to Lonavala by road or train. The standard travels from the USA to Lonavala, together with layovers and travels in India, may also take around 24-30 hours.
  3. From the UK:- To reach Lonavala from the UK, start by flying into Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (BOM) in Mumbai. Airlines like British Airways and Air India perform direct flights from London Heathrow to Mumbai. Once in Mumbai, proceed by road through the Mumbai-Pune Expressway or take a train to Lonavala. The road trip offers beautiful views of the Western Ghats and takes about 2-3 hours from Mumbai. Trains from Mumbai to Lonavala run often, presenting a comfortable and scenic experience through Maharashtra’s lush landscapes. You can rent a personal car or take a bus from Mumbai to Lonavala, taking part in the ability of exploring the place at your personal pace.


1. Which month is the best to visit Lonavala? 

June to September are the best months to plan your trip to Lonavala. Monsoon makes Lonavala more beautiful and lively. You can see the mesmerizing natural beauty and enjoy your trip to the fullest. 

2. How many days of vacation should I plan for Lonavala?

To absorb the beauty of Lonavala, you will require at least 3-4 days. There is so much to view and gulp up in Lonavala that you will take 3 days to enjoy it. 

3. Which is the nearest railway station to Lonavala?

There are 5 nearest Railway stations to Lonavala within 100 km- Khandala. Talegaon, Narela, Chinchvad, and Pimpri.  

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