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Things to do in Delhi: Top 8 Places For Adventure Park in Delhi


According to things to do near me, Things to do in delhi is a place where you will find a large amount of things related to our culture, food, tradition, and history which makes your visit to this place worth watching. Moreover, the street life of Delhi is something that you cannot miss out on. Various small stalls hold lots of memories for the people of Delhi. If you are someone who loves to watch the liveliness around you then Delhi is definitely for you. Though at first, you might just think of this place as the capital of India once you visit it and unfold the daily life of people which carries the aspects of ancient history which have been followed since 2000 years. It is believed that Delhi is a chaos-filled city but once the chaos subsides you will get to see the exquisite portrayal. 

The things that bind people from all across the country are its authentic food and fashion which you hardly find anywhere. That is the reason why this place has gained a large amount of popularity among the tourists of not only India but also foreign. The rich culture and history of this place will make you remember the things that you might have forgotten in your daily lives. In this article, we have provided you the detailed information about the things that you can do in Delhi.

Top 8 Places in Things To Do in Delhi:

If you are about to visit Delhi then make sure to visit these places so that you can encounter the beauty of Delhi.

1. Sample Delhi’s delectable Street food

We all Indians love street food as it is something which makes our taste buds alive. However, if we talk about Delhi street food then it is considered to be the legendary one. You will find various types of chaats, and golgappe, in Purani Delhi which will give you a burst of flavor and make your journey to Delhi worth visiting. Moreover, if you are a sweet lover then you can also try sugar syrup dripping Jalebis which are considered to be the cherry on top.

Location Chandni Chowk, Things to do in Delhi
Timing 24×7
Cost Based on the food product

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2. Admire the grandeur of Humayun’s Tomb

Humayun’s tomb is a historical monument that was made by the Mughals in the late 16th century. The whole structure defines the delicate and fine Indian craftsmanship. Everything here seems extremely great due to its rich architecture. The monument is also surrounded by a huge Mughal garden where you can click your best shots and admire the beauty of this place. The structure of Humayun’s tomb is quite similar to the Taj Mahal.

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3. Listen to Qawwalis

If you are a fan of art and at the same time you are visiting Delhi then do not forget to attend the qawwali shows held at the Dargah of Sufi Saint Nizam – ud – din Auliya. These shows are a blend of artistic approach and spirituality which makes the whole surrounding ring out with Sufism. The qawwali shows are specially held during the Basant which is the festival of Spring. While attending Qawali, people adorned themselves in yellow robes.

Location Nizamuddin West area of Delhi,Things to do in Delhi
Timing 6:00 pm  – 7:30 pm9:00 pm  – 10:30 pm on Thursday
Cost Free

4. Explore the Red Fort

Red Fort is another one of the widely visited and famous places in Delhi(Things to do in Delhi). It has been among the historical places made by the Mughals. The Red Fort is also called Lal Quila because the material used in the manufacturing of this monument is red sandstone. You cannot visit certain places because some of the places are under restoration. Every single year, Prime Ministers hoist the flag here on the occasion of Republic Day. 

Location Netaji Subhash Marg, New Delhi
Timing 9:30 – 4:30, closed on Monday
Cost Rs. 35 for IndiansRs. 500 for foreigners

5. Take a Street Out Sightseeing On The bus Tour

Delhi is a beautiful and vibrant city and you can get a glimpse of almost every place through the street sightseeing on the Ho–Ho Bus Tour which makes you roam around the city. You can visit any day for sightseeing except on Mondays. The bus travels at different intervals of time which gives visitors a quick view of the city’s heritage. The travelers can choose the time they want to travel to the city such as half day, one day, or two days.

6. Go on A Shopping Street

There are various main markets in Delhi such as Sarojini market, Janpath, Dilli Haat, etc. You can find the best clothing materials near Delhi’s government emporium which is near Connaught Place. Here you will find various handmade pieces of clothing that define Indian Craftsmanship. However, if you are thinking of buying some affordable clothes, footwear, or accessories then you can opt for Janpath or Sarojini. Moreover, you can try great street food in Delhi Haat.

7. Lose Yourself in old Delhi

Old Delhi or Purani Delhi is something that will take you to a lane of memories. You can visit the streets of Old Delhi to explore its beauty and tradition and this place will also show the colors of the Medieval period. Every street has some hidden gems. While roaming around you can encounter the home of a legendary Urdu poet named Mirza Ghalib. Moreover, you can also watch the colorful and vibrant Jain Havelis which were built in the 18th century.

8. Explore the Sprawling Sunder Nursery in Things to do in Delhi

Sunder Nursery is one of the largest nurseries that you will find in Delhi. It is spread around the space of 90 acres. This place is another name for peace and serenity and here you will find various Mughal monuments, thousands of species of plants and trees, and a lively environment with water features, birds, and butterflies. You can even encounter various performances at Nizamuddin Basti.


Things to do in Delhi is widely known among the tourists because of its delicate Mughal articles and its authentic food and fashion that you probably not find anywhere. The things that you will find in Delhi whether its great fashion stuff, historic monuments or great food. Moreover, Delhi is also known as the political and educational hub of India. Here you will find various important government offices, the Supreme Court, etc., and a large amount of coaching for every subject. However, you have already known about all the necessary places you can visit on your tour to Delhi.

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Things to do in Delhi: FAQs

Q1. What is Delhi famous for?

Delhi is famous for its historical monuments, authentic food and fashion, and rich culture and heritage.

Q2. What was Delhi called in ancient times?

Delhi was known as Indraprastha in ancient times.

Q3. Why is Delhi called mini India?

Delhi is called mini India because here you will find people from all across the country.

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