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Things to do in New Braunfels:15 Best Things to do in New Braunfels


Things to do in new braunfels is a city of Comal County (seat 1846) and is also situated in Guadalupe County in Texas, U.S. The industrially and naturally diverse city is located near the Comal River which flows into the Guadalupe River, northeast of San Antonio. New Braunfels community was established under Prince Carl of Solms-Braunfels in 1845. The city’s first settlers were a group of German immigrants. German influence is evident in the present-day culture, homes, and lifestyle. 

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About things to do in New Braunfels

New Braunfels blends the culture of Texas Hill City, and German charm and heritage. Gruene district, a paradise for history lovers, is known for the original ruins of Gristmill and for hosting live music at Gruene Hall. 

Now, let’s delve right into what to do in New Braunfels- we have compiled a list of 15 best things to do in New Braunfels, covering all the interesting and fun sites.

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  1. Landa Park 
  2. Comal River 
  3. Hill County
  4. Gruene Historic District 
  5. Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo
  6. Schlitterbahn Waterpark & Resort
  7. Faust Street Bridge
  8. Wurstfest
  9. Sophienburg Museum 
  10. McKenna Children’s Museum 
  11. The Brauntex Performing Arts Theatre 
  12. Dry Comal Creek Vineyards
  13. New Braunfels Conservation Society 
  14. New Braunfels Brewing Company 
  15. Natural Bridge Caverns 
  16. San Antonio Missions UNESCO World Heritage Sites Tour

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  • Landa Park in Braunfels

Landa Park, a 51-acre spot in the middle of Texas Hill Country, has many facilities such as long walking paths under huge oaks, three playgrounds, and an open-air theater.

Reviews: Quiet & Safe place

                Great for picnics, and walking the dog. 

                Kid-friendly, and equipped with fun rides and swings. 

  • Comal River in Braunfels

The Comal River’s lovely spring-fed stream maintains a constant temperature between 70-72 degrees throughout the year. It offers unique tubing, starting very close to where Wurstfest happens, past Downtown New Braunfels and Schlitterbahn Waterpark.

Fun Fact: The Comal is the world’s longest-shortest river, spread across 2.5 miles within the city limits. 

People Also Ask: 

Q. Is it free to float the Comal River?
Yes, you get two free float trips in a day, regardless of who owns the tube. Plus, there are no parking charges. However, floaters can enter the water until 3:00 pm. No floats are allowed after 3:00 pm subject to flows. 
  • Gruene Historic District in Braunfels

With 15 walkable acres known as Grune, visitors can dine, dance, and shop within the township buildings. This is a jewel for lovers of music, old things, and Texas culture. There are 19th-century Victorian houses. 

  • Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo in Braunfels

A roadside attraction is full of snakes, and primates, an exotic selection of animals, and an interactive exhibits section.

Reviews: Fun place to take the family & watch the wildlife closely 

                No food- only ice cream and drinks. Eat before visiting.

  • Schlitterbahn Waterpark & Resort in Braunfels

 Visit during summer- ideal for spending your vacations.                        

Reviews: 7 distinct hotels nearby to choose from according to your budget

  • Faust Street Bridge in Braunfels

This site was traveled on by caravans supplying goods to Spanish missions. It lies on the way to El Camino Real and is one of the best things to do in New Braunfels. 

Reviews: Picture Perfect spot! 

  • Wurstfest in Braunfels

An annual 10-day-long celebration of German culture and Texas fun and frolic! By the Comal River, this festival has unique food, music, beer, games, and Alpine & Bavarian style entertainment. 

Pro tip: Book your tickets for Wursfest 2024, scheduled to take place between Nov 1st to 10th. 

  • Sophienburg Museum in Braunfels

This museum displays the surviving artifacts, maps, and documents of the German pioneers’ determination to establish the new colony at the edge of the Indian Territory. In addition to these, there are photographic images, local artifacts, and documents offering a glimpse through the history and culture of New Braunfels. 

  • McKenna Children’s Museum in Braunfels

McKenna Children’s Museum hosts numerous exciting activities crafted to develop a child’s body and mind. The environment gives you full of fun where you can see, touch, smell, and even taste. 

  • The Brauntex Performing Arts Theatre in Braunfels

The Brauntex Theatre is a former movie palace situated in downtown New Braunfels, Texas. Built-in the Art Deco period in 1942,  it finds a place in the National Register of Historic Places.

  • Dry Comal Creek Vineyards in Braunfels

Picturesque vineyard, fine wine, and memorable time.

Pro Tip: Choose from varieties such as 2023 Blanc de Noirs, 2021 Herbelin, 2023 Riesling, and many more. They have various varietals like Aglianico, Blanc du Bois, Bordeaux Blend, Dolcetto, Pinot Noir, Roussanne, Sangiovese etc! 

  • New Braunfels Conservation Society in Braunfels

Founded in 1964 to preserve the Lindheimer house historic home in New Braunfels’. The place is also the top destination for hosting wedding receptions.

Review: Great food- large servings available 

              Ideal for a family function, or weddings 

  • New Braunfels Brewing Company in Braunfels

A cozy, family-run brewery situated in New Braunfels. They specialize in brewing authentic craft beers.
Fun Fact: 100% fermented with local yeast & harvested bacteria

  • Natural Bridge Caverns in Braunfels

This naturally amazing cavern is the largest cave in Texas. Five underground tours let you experience the hidden delicate and ethereal formations of the cavern. In addition to this, there are four above-ground adventures. The deepest point is about 180 ft. The temperature inside is 70 degrees

Reviews: “A must-see if you visit the San Antonio area… 

             The beauty of the place is incredible.”

  • San Antonio Missions UNESCO World Heritage Sites Tour in Braunfels

This World Heritage site showcases the Spanish influence in San Antonio and its important role in American history. There are carefully guided sightseeing tours available. Discover locations like Missions San José, San Francisco de Espada, and San Juan. What’s more, experience Spanish and Moorish style architecture. Don’t miss out on an enthralling example of baroque architecture- the Rose Window.

Places worth mentioning:

  1. Museum of Texas Handmade Furniture
  2. Tube Haus Float
  3. Stars and Stripes Drive-In Theatre
  4. Krause’s Cafe
  5. Texas Ski Ranch
  6. Cypress Bend Park
  7. Prince Solms Park

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New Braunfels is an exciting destination for travel, sightseeing, water sports, and spending time close to nature. The beer-drinking scene here is lit, along with creek vineyards. The rivers Guadalupe, and Comal provide some of the finest locations for tube floating, and other activities. This blog lists the 15 best things to do in new braunfels.

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Ans– New Braunfels is known for its striking natural beauty and intricate cultural heritage.

Q. What’s the most German place in Texas?

Ans– Fredericksburg is a quintessential German town an hour away from San Antonio. The famous Oktoberfest celebration take place here and is well-known for its wildflowers, food, wine, and shopping

Q. Why do bars close early in New Braunfels?

Ans– This is for the prevention of drunken drivers. The council voted for the bars to close early in the year 1979

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