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Things to do in Patna: Top 6 Tourist Places in Patna


Things to do in Patna is one of the oldest places in Indian history and is famous because of its rich heritage culture. In historical times Patna came under the administration of the Magadha and Mauryan dynasties and was known as patliputra. However, Patna city was located near the southern bank of the most famous Ganga river. Moreover, Patna is considered the most populated city in India, and not only this Patna is also famous for its educati onal and historical institution which provides immense knowledge about the culture of this popular city. Patna is a place where you will find serenity around the Ganga river and the best part of this place is its rich culture and heritage which attracts lots of tourists every day. If you are someone who loves to explore the spiritual aspects and architectural wonder then the Capital of Bihar needs to be a must in your list. If you are in Patna and want to explore its beauty then make sure to book a hotel in the center of the city as this way you can enjoy the city freely without lots of commotion. This city will take you on a ride of its ancient features and keep you occupied. In this article, we will study the things that we do in Patna

Things to do in Patna

Some of the famous things you can do if you planning to visit Patna are given below:

  1. Panaromic view from Golghar
Things to do in Patna: Panaromic view from Golghar

Golghar is one of the famous historical sites which is situated In Patna and was built in 1786 by a Britisher named John Garstin. This historical site was specially built to protect the city from the famine and worked as a granary in difficult situations. However, this beautiful site is located near the bank of the Ganga river and its beautiful architecture attracts a lot of tourists attraction. If you are planning to visit the beautiful Patna city don’t forget to explore this beautiful heritage site of Patna

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  1. Gurudwara Patna Sahib 
Things to do in Patna: Gurudwara patna sahib

Gurudwara Patna Sahib is another famous spot which is also known as Takht sri patna sahib. This beautiful building was built by Maharaja Ranjit Singh in memory of Sikh guru Gobind Singh. It is a famous spot for people of all religions. It is located on the bank of the Ganga and is a common place for thousands of visitors. The serene and peaceful environment of this place is something that will connect you with God. The architecture of this place and shining white marble are something worth watching. If you are planning to visit Patna then this place is a must in your to-do list.

  1. Patna Museum
Things to do in Patna: Patna Museum

Patna Museum is quite a famous museum in Patna and has been known for its Rajput and Mughal architecture. Patna Museum will take you to the memory lane of ancient times. Here you will find various galleries and art structures that will help you relish the rich history of Patna. People visit here to look for the holy relic casket, statue of Lakshmi, and sacred ashes of Buddha. Though these things have a spiritual connection they defy what this place is. Moreover, here you will find various archeological art pieces such as coins, drawings, textiles, tools, bronze sculptures, and various images by famous artists belonging to Hindu and Buddhist cultures. You can also look after various British–period paintings which defy you the long journey that we all have covered.

  1. Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park
Things to do in Patna: Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park

You will not only find spiritual or ancient things in Patna but you can also find various wildlife parks that will keep you connected with the lush greenery and wildlife of this place. However, one of those pieces is Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park, where you will find around 800 animals with up to 110 species. The biological park is spread over an area of 618966.69 sq. ft. and is known to be the top tourist attraction in India. The Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park was formed in 1973 in the face of a small garden but later turned into a big and flourishing biological park and it is included among the 16 largest biological parks in the world. There are specific places where animals are kept, such as Machli ghar ( fish aquarium), and saanp ghar(snake house). The visitors can watch animals like tigers, elephants, blackbucks, leopards, jackals, black bears, giraffes, zebras, etc.

  1. Buddha Smriti Park
Things to do in Patna: Buddha Smriti Park

Buddha Smriti Park is also known as Buddha Memorial Park which was formed on the occasion of Buddha’s 2554th birthday anniversary. The main idea behind the formation of this urban park is to honor Lord Buddha. This beautiful park is spread over an area of 22 acres and with an average budget of 125 crore. However, you can yourself encounter the beauty of this place through its interior and exterior. If you are visiting Patna then take a moment to appreciate the immense great architecture of this place. Moreover, here you can enjoy the sound and laser show and even participate in the meditation center to look after its management. The place is a powerpack of peace and serenity and you can enjoy your leisure time here with your family and friends.

  1. Shrikrishna Science Center
Things to do in Patna: Shrikrishna Science Center

Shrikrishna Science Center is one of the most famous and widely visited science centers in Patna. The science center was formed on 14th April 1978 on the recognition of the first Chief Minister of Bihar – Shri Krishna Singh. Here you can watch various brilliant science innovations that will blow your mind. You can even understand and connect with these science models to have a better understanding. It is the top science museum in Patna and is located in the southernmost part of Gandhi Maidan. You can roam around with your family and friends and even enjoy various science installations.


Patna is a famous and memorable city that you will find in India. It has been famous since ancient times and has a recognized position in ancient history. It was previously known as Patlipur and has been mentioned in various spiritual books of Hinduism and Buddhism. Besides that, it is famous because it is the birthplace of the 10th Guru- Guru Gobind Singh. Patna is one of the widely visited pilgrimage sites by the people and if you are also looking for various spiritual sculptures then this place is definitely for you.

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Q1: What are the best things to buy in Patna?

If you are planning to visit Patna then make sure to buy some specialties of Patna such as beaded jewelry, Madhubani paintings, handcraft wall hanging, Buddha statues, etc.

Q2: What is the best time to visit Patna?

The best time to visit Patna is during the Winter season – October to March. As Patna is quite a hot city and at this time temperature will be low you can easily enjoy all the places.

Q3: What is the famous food in Patna?

The famous foods in Patna are chana ghugni, khaja, kesar peda, thekua, mutton kebabs, rasai, dal peetha, tilkut, choora matar, sattu sharbat, parwal ki mithai, roti.

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