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Nearest Metro Station to S Rohilla, Delhi


For commuters, the main focus is to reach their destination with a low fare and easy transportation mode. Metro is one of the popular modes of commute and is safer to travel. When it comes to visiting Delhi city, various places are available, and Sarai Rohilla is one of them. Numerous travelers visit and explore the place and is mainly famous for the Railway station. If we talk about Nearest Metro Station to S Rohilla, Delhi, Shastri Nagar is one of them. 

The article will explore Rohilla’s nearest metro station, travel time, distance, and many more.

About Sarai Rohilla

Delhi Sarai Rohilla is one of the oldest railway stations and begins with a Rohilla chieftain who developed a Sarai (hotel) during the Mughal period. A few years back, there was no easy way to commute, but now it can be accessible by any mode of transport. The Delhi metro is one of the most convenient modes and is known as  Nearest Metro Station to S Rohilla, Delhi. Although it is famous as a center railway, many trains stop here. 

Other Amenities 

  • Bus stops in Sarai Rohilla
  • ATM facility
  • Availability of Cinema theaters
  • Nearby temples
  • Availability of hospitals
  • Availability of Restaurants and food outlets

Nearest Metro Station to S Rohilla, Delhi

If we talk about the metro routes, various metro routes are available, but Shastri Nagar is the Neraset metro station to reach Delhi S Rohilla You can take a rickshaw ride from the Shastri Nagar metro station to Delhi S Rohilla. Along with the above, here are three metro station routes available to reach the destination:

How to reach Sarai Rohilla by Metro?

The visitors can reach Sarai Rohilla by different routes of metro. Take the Red Line metro and get down at Shahstri Park Metro station. Afterward, you can take a Rickshaw or transportation as per convenience. 

Another option to reach the destination, board on train going towards the Rithala side if you are coming from Shaheed Sthal New Bus Adda.

Delhi S Rohilla’s nearest metro station: Shastri Nagar Route, timings, and fares

Before travel to Sarai Rohilla by Metro, you need to know about details such as timings, routes, and fares. 

Travel time

In this hectic world, individuals want to save time and money while traveling, but Delhi is no exception. Reaching the destination of Sarai Rohilla can save time by taking the auto or rickshaw to the closest metro station, Shastri Nagar, which is just 3 to 4 minutes away. There is a street walk route, which takes only 15 to 20 minutes, to reach their destination. 

Facilities at Shastri Nagar Metro station

Delhi S Rohilla’s nearest metro station, Shastri Nagar offers multiple facilities to visitors. These are available for people’s safety purposes and emergencies. Some of the facilities are mentioned below:

  • Parking facility
  • ATM (PNB)
  • First Aid Room
  • Lift/Escalator
  • Divyang Friendly
  • Snacks shop

Delhi Metro guidelines

  • If this is your first time traveling, ask the metro personnel for guidance.
  • Follow the Metro system’s regulations and instructions. 
  • Make sure everything you own is safe.
  • To avoid traveling during rush hour if you find packed metro trains uncomfortable.
  • Respect the traditions and culture of the area.

Route Map for Nearest Metro Station to S Rohilla, Delhi

The route map makes it possible to get anywhere in a minute. It provides visitors and travelers with an organized and convenient means of reaching their destination easily. In addition, the Shastri Nagar metro station offers the easiest route map, making it possible to get to Delhi S Rohilla.

Nearest Metro Station to S Rohilla, Delhi FAQ’s

Delhi S Rohilla is famous for its food and Railway station. People visit here to explore a new place. You can taste a variety of cuisines in this Old Delhi place.

Q. Is it easy to reach Sarai Rohilla by metro?

The Delhi metro is a comfortable commute to Sarai Rohilla. Delhi S Rohilla’s nearest metro station, Shastri Nagar is the shortest route to get the destination.

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